To Ms. Karen Civil, and the rest of the world who will now think Barry University Breads Racists,

I am sick to my stomach that the letter I am writing is not to express my deep admiration for you and what you do, but to try and convince you that the students are FAR from what was posted on your Instagram.  My hands are shaking as I am writing this and I have a terrible feeling in my gut.  Out of all the embarrassing moments someone could have in their life, I never thought mine would come from shame I feel because of my peers or my university.  Not only do I get daily ridiculed for my university by fellow Miami community members, but now I will be receiving it from the rest of the world.  I feel as if her actions will not only hinder her future actions and seemingly the rest of her life, but will also hinder mine and other students.  When I am asked by college students from other school “what school do you go to?” and my response is Barry University, it’s followed with nothing with giggles and an ‘I am so sorry for you’ styled face.  Not only do they not take us serious but I fear no one will now.  For a long time I felt as if this school was a burden and a fear of mine would be that it will continue to burden me after graduating, for other reasons.  For years I saw this as a school that took little time to listen to its students, slam us with an expensive tuition (for poor amenities and services at that), and then ask us to “Live a Barry Life.”  Too bad the Barry life I have been living for the past almost 4 years hasn’t been what I expected; thank god I am the type of person who can make the best of a situation.  My goals in writing this letter is not to try and convince you that this school isn’t up to par in certain areas, education wise it isn’t too bad.  My goal is to let you know that as an unhappy student from the situation that has occurred and the schools sorry excuse for defending the situation, I too am enraged. I am disappointed and I have had enough.  What she has done was extremely distasteful, insensitive, and left a sour taste in our mouths.  These past few months have been hard as an African-American woman who has little cousins and brothers with brown skin, as I’m sure others feel the same as I do.  I have been craving for peace and proper justice, and that one day I won’t have to march with tears in my eyes and sign that says: Justice for ____ (insert my loved ones name.) I know how it feels to know to who has wrongfully killed a loved one and no justice be served so my heart is nothing but open filled with compassion for the families affected by these situations, and my soul is with all of those out there fighting for change.

As a student, a woman, a human, and a member of Barry University’s Black Student Union, all I can ask is if you can please see that we are not all the same.  We do not feel the same as Daniella Pedrozo, we don’t all want to stop this fight for peace and justice, and that were not going to ‘get over it’.  We also all don’t agree with how our university handled the situation and we are ready to take stand and fight peacefully for what we believe in.


Sincerely, an embarrassed Barry University Student.


Kaylicia Merisier

Public Relations/Communication Major (Barry University student, as of now regretfully.)


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