Joan Rivers

Joan my Joan … I’m taking this loss seriously, I just lost a friend.


You ever feel like you know someone, and you two are friends, but you’ve never met? I’ve always felt that way about Joan! And I really believe she’s my friend so were on a first name basis here lol.

I can’t write a sad RIP post because Joan Rivers is far from a sad sappy chick. A pioneer for female comedians in the game, all funny ladies better pay homage and thank Joan for the doors of funny she’s opened over the years.  From offending the world’s most important people, to getting banned from TV programs, Joan conquered in the male dominated field in the 60’s and 70’s-  still holding it down at the age of 81.


Joan is the reason why there’s such terms as “No chill” and “No F**Ks given” for her always unfiltered, I don’t care I say what I want demeanor. She really taught me if you can’t laugh at yourself then you can’t laugh at all. Joan was comfortable enough with herself to not only make fun of celebrities, politicians, and public figures- but to also point the finger at herself and have a good laugh. Laughter is one of the best medicines, and Joan was handing out daily doses.


I found lots of similarities between Joan and me. Having a theater background, making jokes and comments whether people liked them or not, having a passion for seeing what everyone’s wearing down the red carpet, and just always staying genuine and honest with yourself and world.

She brought glamour, designer labels, and popular names into our homes with one of her famous phrases “Who are you wearing?!” during her red carpet specials. And brought tears and fashionable knowledge to our eyes and ears with the hit show “FASHION POLICE: E!” (I reference Fashion Police) in one of my previous posts), also giving us catch phrase like “B*TCH STOLE MY LOOK!”

For me ‘No Chill’ is my form of art to be honest and free, and really to say what I want without people weighing me down. Joan was a true teacher in not letting people hold you down or back, and say how you feel, say what you mean, and mean what you say. And I am the FIRMEST believer in meaning what you say, and never taking it back.


Always un-apologetically funny and real the world will never have another Joan Rivers, or it’ll be centuries coming. She was truly one of a kind. Probably the funniest little wrinkly (lies, she had Botox for that) white Jewish lady to ever bless my life (besides Betty White). I hope you’re up there serving up laughs and fashion tickets to all the offenders.

Loved or hated you’ll always be cemented in Hollywood History.


Rest in Fashionably Funny Peace Joan Alexandra Molinsky Rivers



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