2014 MTV Video Music Award RE-Cap!

Normally I don’t watch the MTV VMA, or Movies Awards, or a lot of other award shows in general anymore.  Just because the amount of TV I watch has dramatically decreased in the past 4 years (and because I’m a Netflix Junkie), and because I just don’t really care for most award shows anymore.  I use to find them very entertaining, especially tweeting while watching, and seeing all the funny things everyone had to say.  I did however watch the BET awards this summer (I wrote a blog post but never ended up publishing it) and I watched the ESPYS.  This is year I STILL didn’t watch the VMA’s, BUT I did watch one performance on the TV, and caught all the highlights on MTV.com.  I think if you’re just not into sitting in front of the TV for hours and only watching portions of stuff that peak your interest, watching the highlights on MTV is for you, and me.

Anyways getting into it, the one performance that I actually watched on TV was the first performance; Ariana Grande performing ‘Break Free’, Nicki Minaj performing ‘Anaconda’, and Jessie James coming together with the other two to perform their collaboration track ‘BANG BANG.’ Although I’m sick of Ariana’s twelve year old Pony Tail she always wears (yes I know the story behind why she does it, but I still don’t care, hair is versatile especially when you have $$) she had a cute performance.  But you can’t deny her voice, she has crazy vocals and range. Side-note: I really liked the rain coat her two female backup dancers had on.  If I could find a place to purchase one I would in a heartbeat!  Ariana’s red carpet outfit though, wasn’t feeling it.  I dig the MOSCHINO threads but just not on her.  It’s probably her hair that’s keeping her stuck in that little sweet Disney girl phase for me.


As for Nicki…it’s already clear I’m team Nicki, all the time.  FIRST OFF, her little green Anaconda blinged-out two piece just might be my next Halloween Get-up!  She came out and I screamed I loved everything about it!  From the Green scaly anaconda back up dancers, to the acrobatics hanging in the air, I couldn’t get enough! One thing I like to do is look at people’s reactions in the audience when they pan the crowd, because It’ll tell you a lot about how the fans and the fellow entertainer “colleagues” feel about each other.  First person I noticed was J.Lo.  For one J.Lo looked gorgeous last night, as usual in her Silver revealing front cut dress.  She seems to never age and she’s always in shape looking healthy and glowing. The singer has her own booty anthem out, named  ‘Booty,’ and she seemed very unfazed by Nicki’s own personal booty shaking.  J.Lo has been shaking her famous booty for years, but not like how Nicki was shaking it last night!  But also her new ‘Booty’ single cover, where she’s flaunting her also famous and nice derriere, seems to not have got as much attention as Nicki’s ‘Anaconda’ single art. Maybe she’s salty that some of the world is really loving Nicki’s cakes more than hers right now? I also saw Rita Ora’s face, which looked both confused and or disturbed, or mesmerized by Nicki’s lady lumps.  I wish they had showed Miley’s face, to see her reaction to some “real” Booty shaking, because Nicki’s twerking put Mileys debacle last year to shame.  Miley better have taken some notes!  But fact of the matter is, right now I think the world is being a little unfair to Nicki (and I’m not trying to impose my team Nickiness on this), or at least the audience because there were too many confused looks.  I don’t remember Mileys little episode last year but there better have been some confused faces there too because I felt like hers wasn’t as put together and smooth as Nicki’s.  Needless to say if it were for example -J.Lo up there doing those moves it wouldn’t be a problem to the world, or even Kim Kardashian, the world would freaking make it a law that we have to watch Kim shake her rump every day.  The world just doesn’t view Nicki the same way as other female entertainers, and I kind of feel it’s because she’s a Rap sex-symbol now more so than a Pop or just regular Sex Icon.  The world aint ready for the REAL curve, black girl curves (minus Beyoncé, but she’s low-key slim/skinny).

                        2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Shownickijlovma

Anyways after Nicki performed ‘Anaconda’, Jessie James came out to start off the collaboration of the three’s song ‘BANG BANG’ which by the time Nicki came out she had had a slight wardrobe malfunction….But she recovered and she looked great.  All her looks, looked awesome last night!  Again I love natural Nicki; even she adds a little extra edge or spunk to it.


The rest of the show I didn’t watch, because I didn’t care.  But some of my favorite highlights from the website were:

  • Jay Pharaoh’s impressions of Drake, Jay-Z, and Kanye. He did a really good job with all of them, especially Kanye.  And Kim Kardashian didn’t find any of those Kanye and North jokes funny, with her plastic little fake laugh! She as usual looked great though, same with her too grown looking youngest sisters Kendall and Kylie.


  • Taylor Swift wtf are you wearing lmao? If you don’t sit your no booty in that romper behind down!  Don’t get me wrong I like your music, and I will be using your ‘22’ line for my 22nd birthday, but even with or without a body the romper just wasn’t cute.  The performance was cool though, she’s talking about a guy again as usual.  But I can’t get down with that outfit I’m sorry…


  • AMBER ROSE OMFG! I’m team Amber Rose too y’all!  And it’s because I love her damn body.  Whether she gains weight or loses weight I think she’s insanely gorgeous and with such a unique look.  I hate that I saw some backlash against her outfit as it pertained to her body size and weight though.


  • Katy Perry and Riff Raff paying homage to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s matching denim outfit form the American Music Awards back in 2001. It’s a cool idea, I love being nostalgic too…but can we leave that mess back in 2001 please lol? It was hot back then not now.  But it was a good place to pull that stunt….She won best female video though.


  • Sam Smiths vocals are amazing on the radio and live, he did so great performing ‘Stay With Me’! That song always gets to me lol.
  • Common presenting Best Hip-Hop Video; I’m pretty sure they knew Drake was gonna win that and had Common present it on purpose.  Even if the beef from back in 2012 is dead now.  (BTW Common admitted that the beef started over his EX Serena Williams!).
  • Orange Is The New Black aka ‘OITNB’ makes it to MTV! Piper, Crazy Eyes, and Sophia (the transgender) hit the stage and did so great, bringing us a little bit of the show were dying to come back to next year.
  • I’ve been an Usher fan for years, so I know his performances will always be good. I liked it, but of course I liked it a little more because my girl Nicki came out performed her piece to their song ‘She Came To Give It to Me’.  And did you peep Nicki’s face when he spanked her butt after their little booty bump?  Looked like she wasn’t really feeling that, but she played it off.  And her all white was A1.


  • Iggy and Rita’s performance of ‘Black Widow’ was really whatever. First off Iggy and her man, also her date Nick Young looked great together on the red carpet.  They make a really good looking couple.  And Rita looked spectacular in the Red gown.  Back to their performance though, it was good.  But I’m not caring for it.  Everyone in the audience was so hyped and rapping all Iggy’s verses, enjoying themselves.  Where the hell was that when Nicki was performing?  Iggy’s good, but damn!  But you know what let Iggy have her own shine minus Nicki, after Nicki’s what seemed to be shade during Iggy’s BET performance.  Plus White Hip-Hop appeals more than Black Hip-Hop.  Remember black CULTURE is popular, but black people aren’t.


  • Maroon 5 did an awesome job with their outdoor performances of ‘Maps’ and ‘One More Night.’ Minus Adam Levin saying ‘F*ck You’ to MTV, about how he feels the network runs now and not representing what it’s supposed to be.  MUSIC Television.
  • I LOVE what Miley did for the acceptance of her award for Video of the Year. She had a homeless young adult Male named Jesse accept her award for her.  He shared his story of his homelessness, and gave us the statistics of the homeless population in Los Angles (LA has the biggest population of homelessness in the US).  It was very touching, and homelessness is something I see every day on the streets of Miami going and coming to work.  It’s a tough life, but people like Miley and Jesse spreading awareness about it, is a really cool way to get supporters to help those in need out.  Also Miley looked very chic and edgedy in her leather two-piece bandeau and jogger/harem pants.  She was covered, up but still youthful and sexy.




For those who didn’t get to go to her tour this summer, Beyoncé performed at the VMA’s and gave a nice recap of her smash secret album she unexpectedly dropped on us last winter “BEYONCE.”  Her performance as usual was flawless.  She performed all her hits from ‘Mine’ to ‘Blow’ to ‘Flawless’ and my personal favorite still to this day ‘Drunk in Love’ (I still go crazy when it comes on!).  She pretty much gave us a sample of everything and it was all satisfying!  Also her cutie daughter Blue in the audience with her famous daddy Jay-Z, singing to all her Mommy’s song and even doing the famous ‘Flawless’ hand gesture.  Her performance showed why she was receiving the MTV VMA Vanguard Award which also was once presented to Michael Jackson.  Just so you know the level Bey is on now! Her performance left everyone laughing, dancing, smiling, and speechless by the end, just how a great performance should.  From the Pole dancing, to the sexy chair solo, and her millions of back up dancers (including the Les Twins from France) she ripped it!  Her performance of Blue was very sweet also.  You can hate Beyoncé all you want, but you can’t deny that she’s one of the greatest.  Her hubby and her daughter also presenting her the award was just the icing on the cake.  And to what seemed to be a decent show.

But one thing I ask is…Please don’t make relationship goals out of Jay-Z and Beyonce from these VMA family pictures please…




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