Nicki Minaj New ‘ANACONDA’ Video; B*tch Stole My Look !

The Number 1 Queen B, Nicki Minaj dropped her video for the new single ‘ANACONDA’ last night at 12 midnight.  If you haven’t seen the video yourself, please do yourself a favor and check it out real quick:

I’ve been a big Nicki fan since back in the MySpace Page, add music to your Profile days with “Kill the Dj” and “Itty Bitty Piggy”  I’m sure most people would agree that come up Nicki was something serious…

Even with her Pop Super Bass, and Starships faze I was riding out, because I knew O.G original Nicki so I knew she’d be capable of putting out more music like that.  And rest assure a few months ago she announced her new album coming out, and that it would be getting back to her rap roots.  And the Worlds Nicki Rap Fans were like YASSSSSS!

Not only did she go back to the Rap Roots, but she also toned down her looks with a more soft but still fierce approach to Old/New Nicki.  Personally I LOVEEEE this look for her.  Don’t get me wrong PINK haired Nicki is cool, but I think she’s so gorgeously stunning, that even with the bare minimum hair and makeup she’s a 10 and killing everyone.

Her ‘ANACONDA’ video is HOT!  She did great with the “Lookin A,” and “Pills N Potions” videos also. For everyone complaining about the song, and “That’s Whack Rap,” well the song wasn’t meant to be a serious song.  Its a fun, light-hearted, club banger, that just makes you wanna shake your A as if you  had Nicki’s famous rear end as your own, and just enjoy yourself.  And believe it or not this is similar to old Rap Nicki.  Remember when she told Fab “I put this KITTY on your chipped tooth”?  You think she’d be spitting like that in her Pop Music?!   Is the video Raunchy, and Very Sexy?  Of Course for the type of song it is, and for the type of artist Nicki, I feel like it was perfect.  She’s a confident, sexy, beautiful, figure in the Rap Game, and shes deff. holding her own and killing the rest of these Rap females, and MALES out here too!  I watched the video a million times today and couldn’t stop my Ratchet “YAS, YAS, YASSSSSSS”‘s all day!  I love it, Nicki Slays everything in my mind.

But on to a more serious note…..Nicki Minaj stole my look in her video. *Cue’s to music”

nicki bitch stole my look

I think it’s cool when Celebrities and Public Figures get inspired by their fans.  It shows that they love, appreciate, and trust us when it comes to them doing things to entertain us and make us happy.  I’m happy that I inspired Nicki for one of her looks in the ‘ANACONDA’ video.

If you guys aren’t too familiar with the show, Joan Rivers stars in a TV show on E! that her daughter Melissa Rivers produces called “The Fashion Police.”  Comedian Joan Rivers, and a few other fashion figures (Like Kelly Osbourne) in the industry get together once  week to discuss the celebrity fashions that have surfaced whether from award shows, other events, or just their everyday styles.  As you can see from the picture above Nicki was once a guest.  There’s also a segment on the show called “B*tch Stole My Look” where they compare two people who wore the same outfit, and determine who they felt wore it better.  We she needs to add Me vs. Nicki on there!

So were gonna play it here on the Blog:





The Picture of me on the right, I took and posted in February (You can check my instagram).  I was going to a college pajama party with friends, and instead of Pajama’s I decided to rock exercise/gym wear to the party.

The Picture on the Left is a Snippet from Nicki’s Video, where her and a few other Bootyful young ladies are un-effectively working out aka shaking their stuff.

So who wore it Better?

It’s a no Brainer for me……Nicki! Lmao she looks FANTASTIC! And the sports bra shes wearing i actually own but its not the same one in wearing in that picture.  Her body is amazing (real or fake) and she looked flawless in every different part of the video.  Although I have to find it deep within to forgive her for the way she was dancing on my man at the end of video…

But I still love her, support her, and cant wait for this new Album “The Pink Print” to come out later this year 2014.

You can download ‘ANACONDA’ and all her other singles that dropped on itunes now.  (LEGALLY, y’all better pay her!)



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