Water with Attitude: Sassy Water Alternatives!

sassy water

A trend that’s been growing the last few years is “Sassy Water,” a mixture of cucumbers, lemon, ginger, and sometimes mixed with different herbs, mints, and spices.  This is the traditional Sassy Water recipe, it’s the most used, and often times it’s done completely wrong.  I understand Ballin’ on a Budget because that’s my life, but if it has to do with my health I’d like to get it right (if you’re going to splurge do it for the long term things)!  Most times people only use certain ingredients like just lemon and cucumber, which by all means is fine!  Those things can help your insides, possibly boost your metabolism, and add some flavor to your daily routine water, but it’s not doing what Sassy Water is supposed to do for you- because it’s missing key elements (like the ginger and spices).

A lot of people leave those ingredients out purposely because it makes their water bitter and just not tasty which is completely understandable.  For some people water already feels like a chore, why make it even worse!?  Growing up I hated water and often times tried to make it taste better with artificial sweeteners (which by the way aren’t even good for you and still taste like crap sometimes!)  Now I LOVE ice cold water and can guzzle down bottles of it at a time.  I have been interested in the Sassy Water trend, but after I heard about the taste I didn’t want to make drinking water miserable again.  Usually during the summers when I’m out of school I try my hardest to maintain a healthier better lifestyle.  I have more time to exercise, to eat better, and more access to things that can help me do that.  I’m generally a healthy person; not too much fast food (I eat it at school, but in honesty I really hate it the thought of drive-thru’s make me sick), getting enough sleep, watching my calories and fat intake, drinking as much water as I can, and being as active as I possibly can be in-between work and school.  But I told myself I was going to try this trend once and for all, and that I was going to do it correctly!

Since I Google everything, upon googling the right way to make Sassy Water I found PREVENTION.com and an article with “25 Flat Belly Sassy Water Recipes” by Allison Young.  The article title was automatically an attention grabber.  1:  I’m trying on working getting a more flat belly, outside and in (getting my insides healthy), and different alternatives to the most common Sassy Water recipe.

sassy water 2

( http://www.prevention.com/food/cook/25-flat-belly-sassy-water-recipes?s=1 )

The first one I am trying is the “Strawberry Basil Blast,” and after that I am going to try the Melon-Lime.  I went the grocery store and bought a box of fresh strawberries, and a pack of fresh basil.  Both them together cost me no more than 5 dollars.  For the Melon Lime I bought one lime, and a cup of already cut Melon-Dew which cost me no more than 3 dollars.  You don’t have to plant your own garden (which is you do is a freaking amazing plus for you!), and you don’t have to buy everything in crazy bulk, you can buy ingredients according to what your budget is looking like.  Since I’m not making two quarters (which is about 64 ounces) and my cup only holds about 24 ounces, I just cut the recipe down by a half or a third.  I’m GOD-AWFUL at math, I’m sure everyone will be able to figure it out on their own if I can!  They also have some more daring water recipes like Apple Cinnamon, “Slightly Spicy” which uses jalapeno peppers, and Vanilla Latte which uses vanilla and coffee beans.  I anyone tries any of those out please let me know how it tastes!

sassy water 4

I think all these recipes are easy and can be cheap.  You don’t have to make it by the quart like instructed in the article (I’m making different flavors based off of how much my water bottle/To-go cups can take) and there’s 25 different versions of it so you’re bound to like at least 1 of them!  Each recipe has a different nutritional goal and value, it just depends on what you’re looking to intake, but at the end of the day it’s all steps to a flatter belly, and a healthier you!

Again, the reason why so many fail at the Sassy Water Routine is because they aren’t doing it right, not using the proper ingredients necessary.  Some say the ginger or cayenne pepper makes it bitter and gross.  Well those are added to give your metabolism the boost it needs to move faster, and help you burn more of the fat, weight, build muscle, whatever you’re trying to achieve by drinking the water.  And like I said in the paragraph above there are 25 different recipes if you don’t like the ginger in that one, try a recipe that uses an ingredient with qualities and benefits close to ginger.  And I’m sure you can freestyle and make your own according to whatever health goal you’re trying achieve.  At the end of the day though, if you’re trying to just get to a better you than that’s what really matters.  Never give up, try to stay motivated (cause I know I lose motivation all the time!), and just think about all the great outcomes you’ll have in the long run from how to treat yourself today ❤ 🙂

Eventually i’ll share more about myself, my eating habits, and my workout routines.  In due time…

I hope someone tries one of these recipes out, and contacts me to let me know how it tastes and how it went for them!  Also www.prevention.com is a great website/ magazine with health tips and insiders, also a cool helpful 28 day workout plan to get you in shape quick for the summer, I highly recommend it!  (You will be asked if you’d like to join the 28 Day challenge, as soon as you enter the site, you have to option to say No).


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