The VIXEN SEW-IN Review – by Kay Gizelle

sew in 4

I love weave, weave is my life n, i don’t wanna give it up!  There’s just so much you can do with it, without adding the stress onto your own hair.  I always wanted to try putting my weave in different styles but, alas my tracks were always in the way.  I wanted a way to be able to wear weave, but still try all these cool different styles, and then God created a woman smart enough to create the vixen sew-in!

sew in 1

I saw this sew-in in twitter last year and knew I HAD TO TRY IT!  Someone (of course a black male) called it witch craft lol, i call it smart and innovative!  Weave use to be such a hush hush, make it blend to look like yours, and never tell anyone you have weave type of ordeal.  Now of course we’d still like it if your weave could blend nicely with your edges and your life, but its no hush hush secret anymore!  I’m always getting asked what kind of hair I have in, or who does my hair and I’m always willing to tell my secrets.  I take pride in the way I look, so of course I’m going to take pride in having my weaves looking SNATCHED & LAID *snap-snap*

sew in 3

Ok, about the actual sew-in now.  This is my first time doing it ever, same with my hairstylist and friend Iris.  It took some time but in the end, I’m going to say this is a win!  But I didn’t always think it was a win. I like my weaves to look as natural and lay as flat as possible.  This sew-in requires your hair to be braided into four different quadrants.  Think of your head as circle.  Than a few inches down from the top/front of your head (depending on how much you leave out) draw a T shape.


The drawing up-top i think is a little confusing, but it gets the image about your head being a circle way better than my explanation lmao.  Anyways, the T Shape is obviously so that you can part it many different ways.  Where the T is, is where all your real hair will be out.  At first i didn’t think my hair would blend properly with it because my real hair is shoulder length, and my weave is 20inches, but surprisingly it all came together as one. The kind of hair I have in is Peruvian Straight hair and the texture blends well with my hair (which is permed).  I can curl the hair which I’ve done before (as seen in the ratchet snapchat picture above) but I prefer to keep it straight because I feel like it looks better, it blends better, and its easier the maintain my real hair when its straight not curled (but that’s just me.  Your hair can be messy and you get away with it, with curly hair doe!).  To get my hair and the weave to blend together I go to the salon (Dominican’s for a blow out and flat iron).

sew in 5

                               (I hate the pictures above -_-, but they’re the only ones I have!)

When it came to actually putting the hair into the different styles, I did it only twice.  The first time was to take pictures of the different types of style i could do, and once i tried the half up half down.  This is the crazy part…I liked maybe 2 or 3 out of the 7 styles I did, but I never did them again!  Because of the way the hair is braided into my hair, it made some of the front styles look a little too bulky for liking.  This had NOTHING to do with Iris’s sewing technique.  I actually go to her because I feel like her braiding is phenomenal, she always gets it flat, and I never leave disappointed.  She gets me, she gets what I want to achieve with my hair, she kills it ever time.  If I do the sew in again id leave out more of my hair for the two front portions of braids to get more of the look i want.  Personally I’m not going to do that yet though, just because the front of my hair is suffering from awful heat damage and breaking.  My favorite styles were the Miley Buns (2 buns), the braided styles, and my hair just down.  I HATED the half up half down i did, (not the one with the two buns half up and half down in the picture above) and the half up half down is what i wanted to do SO BADLY! I just have to play around with it more and find different ways to do those styles.

sew in 6

Like any other sew in, after the first few days, to a week, the braids aren’t so tight and fresh and the sew in lays down better and looks better.

Would I do this Sew-in Again?

At first i said no, but then i said yes, then back to no, but back to yes again (I’m a libra, so my scales are always tipping to either or side lol)  Honestly I’m lazy, and its hard for me to part my hair by myself the get the different looks.  If i always had help then I would do the different styles more.  But i do like the way my hair looks down with it, it looks more full.  I can itch more of my head which is a plus, and i can finally put my coconut oil on more parts of my scalp.  I live in Boston right now, so if i always had access to my Dominican salon I would keep this sew in, and go every 2 weeks for my 15 dollar wash and blow out! If i can find a place like that when I go back to Miami then ill consider doing it there too.  What i REALLY want to do it try it with curly hair!  But my hair isn’t naturally curly so i would have to find a way and some magic to get that done…  I’m going to put this style on the shelf, but i will try it again some day.  Maybe some day soon, but i need a change of scene for now.  I have new things and hair projects to try!

sew in 7

If you live in BOSTON or the Boston Area and want your hair done by Iris, please go through me first, i don’t just want to throw her information out there like that.

My Instagram and Twitter are @heykayy

My email is

Iris Instagram: @fayme84

Thanks for the love and support guys!!!!


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