Maya Angelou; What You’ve Done in My Life.

maya angelou big


Ms. Angelou –
In elementary school I read your book and learned ‘WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS‘, in middle school you told me I was a ‘PHENOMENAL WOMAN‘ and helped me through my struggle with identity and self-hatred towards my body. You told me if I was always trying to be normal I’ll never know ‘HOW AMAZING I CAN BE‘, and that in high school ‘WHEN SOMEONE SHOWS YOU WHO THEY ARE BELIEVE THEM THE FIRST TIME.’ You told me through one of my lowest times to ‘DANCE LIKE I HAVE DIAMONDS AT THE MEETING OF MY THIGHS‘, and no matter what ‘LIKE DUST,STILL I RISE.’
And when I meet the right one I will say on my wedding day ‘I WAS YOURS TO HAVE AND YOU WERE ALWAYS MINE.’ Thank you Ms. Angelou, for teaching me to not let anyone ‘BRING NEGATIVITY TO MY DOOR,’ and for making me always want to be ‘THE RAINBOW IN SOMEONE ELSE’S CLOUD.‘ You have inspired me to be a better, stronger woman each year life permits me, and to want to inspire other women to feel the same. I will never let anything or anyone ‘DIM THE LIGHT THAT SHINES FROM WITHIN.’ I will still secretly want to invite you to read poetry at my nuptials, and still secretly consider you my grandma lol. I will always look up to you Ms. Angelou. Thank you for being a phenomenal woman in my life.


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