Back Like I Never…got busy.

whats bad for your heart


I feel like this is so barren now, I’m writing for literally only myself to read because I’ve been gone so long that this has been forgotten.  But I’m BACK!  With new material too, obliviously.  I had gotten so caught up in school, and work, and trying to balance out my life that it was hard to incorporate blogging into all of it.  But because I’m done with one of the things that takes up most my time (for now at least) i can throw blogging back into my life.  Although i haven’t posted anything I think about and get inspired daily with things I want to share.  I have more time for my health and fitness so i deff. want to blog my journey with that.  Health physically and mentally is VERY important to me so why not share that.  I want to share my spiritual (not only religious) journey because i have had some amazing outcomes with that also. I have a lot of personal things floating in my mind and although it is scary to bare those to the world (or maybe like the 4 or 5 people who read this rinky-dink little blog).  I talked to my best friend while in the process of writing a SUPER personal post, and i told her i cant do it, i cant let out whats really lingering in my soul and sometimes hindering my mind.  Its scary to tell the world that I’m not perfect and i make mistakes, but i feel like if i don’t share those moments with others i can be hindering someone else by allowing them to make a mistake too.  Not saying I’m the all mighty higher being, or Guru but we all learn from each other so why not share?  “bad for you heart is good for your art,” someones pains and misfortunes can really drive their passions.  I’m just more ready.  I’m ready to jump head first and do this again.


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