The ‘Deets’ Behind Waist Trainers&Corsets

Waist Trainer

The Dangers of Waist Corsets & Trainers

I had a conversation with my aunt about the acne medication Accutane yesterday (I promise this is a story about waist trainers!).  She used it back in the 90’s and it worked for her, the acne was gone…but her face was bleached. So she kinda had a Michael Jackson look going on, her body was brown but her face was pale as ghost (she eventually got her color). I told her that recently over the years more studies have come out about Accutane and the dangerous things it could possibly do to her body besides just bleach her face. She said “I know I’ve done recent research, but it worked for me so I’m going to take it again.” I toke what she said with a grain of salt because it’s the same situation with me using a waist trainer.

Over the last year I feel like I’ve seen waist trainers become more and more popular. I’m sure they’ve been around longer, I know I they’ve been around longer actually, because what I wear is similar to one. Mine isn’t the typical waist trainer you see now (on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.) mine is a thick white cotton-like band that I wrap around my torso and Velcro shut. I learned this method from my Haitian aunts. For some Haitians, after you have a baby they wrap you up tight, in thoughts that it will keep your stomach and other chunky areas in place helping you get your form back (It can also be good for posture.) That’s what my purpose for using it is, helping shape my body. I already have a curvy shape, but a little extra couldn’t hurt right? Correction it can, because sometimes that wrap hurts! If pulled tight enough yes your stomach can go down a little in a few hours (eating light and being active adds to the results too) and the more shapely you can become. But for me it also complicated my breathing a bit, and was uncomfortable on my insides.  It’s something I do here and there. For a few days if I need a little extra help, maybe a week or two- but it’s DEFF. not an everyday and every night thing that I keep on.  I’d be on my way to emergency room is I had that thing a part of my daily diet!  So why do I do it?  Because A) I want too, and B) I know the risks and dangers so I know how I should use it, and when I should.  I didn’t go into this blindly.

I see this being the trend with the waist trainers now. Some people keep theirs on 23/6 only taking it off to shower or wash the trainer. And while yes I have seen some really nice results from people who have used it (its popular among a lot of celebrities like Deelishis from Flavor of love, and Lip Stick Entrepreneur Keisha Ka’oir), I’m sure what their insides look like aren’t so nice. Wearing trainers and corsets so often can result in damaging your organs, causing organ failure, impaired breathing, the list goes on. How do I know this? I did my research and personal experiences. Back in the 1800’s they weren’t aware of the health concerns, its 2014 there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be aware.  We can access the internet anywhere and at anytime!

If you’re looking for a way to flatten your stomach and take some inches off your sides there’s plenty of other methods besides trainers and corsets. Foods like salmon, avocado, olive oil, almonds, and a few more are good for burning belly fat.  “Sassy Water” also called the ‘Flat Belly Diet’ is another great way to detox your body and get you on track for a flatter belly and slimmer waist.  A blend of fruits, vegetables, and water, a major perk to Sassy Water is that you can make it yourselves (it’s an easy recipe you can look up online).  One of my personal favorite is the AB Belt; it’s used while you exercise. It’s made out of material that helps make your body sweat while it’s wrapped around your abdominal and is good for the definition you need to make those abs stand out.  I got mine for no more than 12$ on amazon (they also make them for your arms and legs). It’s my favorite work out tool and makes me feel like I’m getting a great work out.  There are also more exercises, wraps, and tools that can aid in this particular type of weight loss.

So like I took what my aunt said into consideration I hope what I’ve said about the dangers of waist training are taken into consideration. I’m not saying those things can happen to everyone but we should think about these things before we just dive into thinking they can’t or won’t affect our lives.

Be careful ladies, beauty can sometimes be pain –  but not making yourself sick!


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