Paris Fashion Week 2014: CHANEL

Paris Fashion Week 2014: CHANEL

Never have I seen anything like it (And if you’re asking if I was there, i was in Spirit)! Chanel kills it every year, but this year was really something else. Karl Lagerfeld and his genius mind turned the cat walk into a high fashion designer produce aisle, and had his models (Including Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne) showing off his Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2014/2015 line. Everything in the Chanel Grocery store was well thought out and very detailed. From the Aisle signs, to the poultry, to the Tweed Drinks to match the different style Tweed Ensembles every was very well crafted. The event was of course star studded and arguably the biggest star there, sitting front row, Rihanna seemed to really enjoy herself!

My pictures do no justice of how amazing the show the show was, so I’m adding a link to, because they have some awesome shots of the event. Wouldn’t it be cool if next year’s show could take up the same idea, maybe in a Dinner or Gas Station? Just a thought! Let’s see where Mr. Lagerfeld will take us next…

Click on the Picture, or the link below for more images of the show.


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