Why Black Girls Don’t Work Out But Should

Why Black Girls Don't Work Out But Should

For me personally it’s my hair. I love to work out, I love being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. What I don’t like is coming back from a run and my edges are crunchy because I sweat them out. The worst! But I get over and I find ways around it, like head-wraps and silk scarfs, because I still need to keep my body healthy and stay in shape. But our hair should not be the only reason we don’t work out. It’s true black don’t crack, but it can get fat! As you get older your metabolism slows down, your bones and joints get achey, you get busy, but all that shouldn’t be a reason why you don’t work out either. Working out doesn’t have to be going at a speed of 4.5 on the treadmill or lifting weights like a body builder. Just going for a daily walk, or at home exercises are good too. And don’t sleep on the at home work out videos! There’s a special workout video for African-American Females called “Black Girls Work Out too” by Ellen and Lana Ector, and they look good! If I can look like that after their video, you bet I’m using it every day faithfully! You moving around, even breaking a little sweat is good for you.  There are also other options like Yoga & Pilates, kickboxing, spin classes, swimming and hiking.  And our eating habits. Soul food, and foreign cuisine is good, its down-right delicious, but it’s not that good for your body in the long run. People think just because you go to the gym every day or workout after having that meal means you’ll be fine. And I understand everybody’s body and metabolisms are different but eventually all that will catch up with you. That’s not to say don’t eat those foods, they’re too good to resist. Just remember to eat in moderation and not eat it every day. You can also find better ways to prepare your meals. Switch the butter to virgin olive oil or deep frying the chicken to baking or pan searing it. Keep lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Change the bag of chips for a lighter snacks. Did you know diabetes affects 60% more blacks than whites in America? Did you know when surveyed that African Americans rather drink sugar drinks processed drinks than drink water? And more African-American Women have high blood pressure then Men. This should all just be a wake up to lead a better healthier life. It really doesn’t take much, just a little effort. Get up get active make better eating choices. Treat yourself once in a while but don’t let everyday be the treat because you’ll look like a nice tasty treat coughcoughDONUT by the end of it all! Also working out is not just to lose weight or get skinny, it’s to get healthy and your body functioning better. You wanna maintain that “thick” figure or get thick, work it out and fuel it with good foods! It really doesn’t take that much to build a better you.

You can purchase the “Black Girls Work Out Too” DVD on amazon:

Information on how to protect your hair while working out:

And BEAUTIFUL Black Women getting healthy!


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