The Difference Between: Relationships, Situationships, & Textationships



Relationships vs. Situationships vs. Textationships

Do you know which one you’re in?  Do you even know the differences?


It’s a simple definition. It’s a relationship that only exists through text, email, or various other social media platforms. Also known as a “MySpace relationship” (you know you use to have someone you private messaged all day and night back in the day on myspace, probably lived in Colorado too!) Anyways- You don’t see this person face to face, and FaceTime doesn’t count. You barely talk to each other on the phone, and we barley do that anyways anymore because were always texting. And the person on the other end of the text conversation doesn’t hold up the promise to meet up with you, or doesn’t make time to see you face to face.  That’s the signs of a curve and a Textationship. It’s nothing more than just a cool person to talk to about stuff, it’s not seen as more or less. Just someone you talk to when you’re waiting for the bus to work, or in the doctor’s office waiting room before your appointment. The End.


Obviously involves real true love. You love them and love you back. Like really love you back, not no play-play! You treat them as your equal and vice versa. They don’t talk down to you like your dog or a child. They respect you and give you all the respect you deserve.  How they would like to be treated they treat you. They listen to what you have to say good or bad and their attention is on you. They communicate with you. Relationships can’t survive if you can’t tell each other how you feel or tell them what you think they should know. With they being said they’re truthful.  Yes relationships do have “secrets” or better said things you rather not know about you significant other, but they don’t keep big hidden secrets from you, and when you ask something they don’t lie. With that also being said they’re honest, goes hand in hand with being truthful, and communicating. They think about your wants and needs and will do anything or go out of their way to fulfill them because they’re your significant other, that’s what you do for them. They prioritize for you. If you’re in their life then that means they make sure they have time for you and whatever else they got going on. They don’t make your life harder than it might already be. And most importantly they make you happy. They make you smile, they make you feel good, they constantly remind you of why you’re with them, and if their doing all their relationship duties right then clearly they’re the one for you.  Obviously no relationship is perfect and it has its battle and up downs, but what’s important is happening.


You love them…with all your heart and soul…but they don’t really love you back. And you wanna know why they don’t really love you? Because all they do is put you through crap, put you through hell, and makes your life harder. They don’t treat you as their equal, they treat you like your less then. Cheating, lying, stealing, the way they act towards you in public or private, how they speak to you, whatever the case might be, they clearly don’t think to highly of you. They don’t give a damn about what you have to say. Because if you’re telling them how hard your day was or how they do or don’t do certain things for you, and they either make your day more difficult or they still do their BS, clearly they don’t give a damn about what you have to say. You take care of them, and they aren’t babysitting you like you are them.  you give them money, food, rides, new socks, a place to stay, and all they give you is headaches and grief.  If you’re saying: they buy me food, they give me 5 dollars for gas: THEY DONT GIVE YOU A DAMN THING! My little sister gives me better stuff and she’s 6. And if the sex is one of the things keeping you there, think about the other people they’re humping (maybe unprotected) and how the other person or people might be getting the same false I love your significant other might give you. They lie to you, about everything. Even stupid petty things like where they were or how much money they have on them. They got a 20 on them for weed or some liquor but can’t give you a few dollars for your gas tank, then WTF are you thinking staying with them? BTW if you give them a ride or they drive your car your gas tank better never hit E you’re doing them a great favor by not putting them on the bus or foot! They don’t put anyone else before you. All these side chicks and niggas don’t get more love than you! Neither do their friends. They don’t care about what you want or what you need, they don’t care that you cry, that they hurt you. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS PERIODS. If you can make a list of the good and bad, and the bad out-weighs the good you and you decide to stay with them after the constant BS, you know what you’re doing. Your inflecting pain upon yourself by staying with this person. That’s no real loving relationship my friend, that’s a bad situation you’re in!

Please learn the difference between these, please choose the right one for you, and I hope the right one wouldn’t be a Textationship or Situationships. Everyone deserves true love and a real happy healthy Relationship.


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