Stop Trying To Pick It ; Put It Down!


My personal beliefs are in God, but of course you don’t have to believe in the same thing I do.  You can take God and replace it with whatever you want.  Buddha, Muhammad, The various figures in Hinduism, Hitler, doesn’t matter.  Whatever you believe in, you can still apply to this post.

Boy, when I tell you that quote screams volumes to me!

One thing I’m coming to realize is that I am MAJORLY blessed.  There’s been so many time I sit and complain about what’s going on in my life, but never enough times where I sit and count my blessings.  The fact that I am alive, breathing, and healthy is a blessing in itself.  But sometimes I don’t see that some of the blessings I’m given come in the disguise of disappointment.  For me, God masks his taking things out of my life as a blessing and lessons learned.  It just takes for me to open my eyes and realize that I don’t need those things.

Blessings come in many forms, like coming in the “disappearance” one.  Sometimes we ask why.  Why the hell did this happen to me, why the hell did I lose it, why the hell did they leave.  Do we ever stop to wonder maybe these things disappearing, never arriving, or leaving are good things?  I know losing your job sounds like the most awful thing ever, you’ll probably panic and wonder how you’ll pay for things or what you’ll do, or where your life will lead.  Although it sounds like it couldn’t get any worse, what if that was actually the best?  What if that job really wasn’t meant for you, what if your dream job was just a few hours, days, weeks, and months short of hard-work.  Maybe you were meant to lose that job to open yourself up to another bigger better blessing.  Or even simpler, what if you go to a store for a pair of shoes you’ve been dying for.  You saved up money forever, scarified a few other luxuries for them, you get to the store and their sold out.  Pissed right?  You waited so long to get them and their gone.  Come to find out those shoes are the most painful shoes ever, you’ve seen awful reviews on them, and you know that your poor feet won’t be able to take all the pain everyone’s talking about.  Do you still go out and try to find those shoes, or find different ones better suited for you?

The point is, why keep chasing after that blessing that don’t shine so bright?  Why not open up to something that can actually benefit your life.  Put down whatever you really don’t need.  Stop going back to it, stop torturing yourself, stop putting yourself through the pain and trouble.  Who knows maybe the better blessing is around the corner.


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