My Type


You know nothing gets under my skin more than people imposing their own personal preferences on you. One of those being the type of men I like.

Men, boys, guys, their all complicated. They suck sometimes but we still love them! And all the different types there are choose from too! Most the time though we have a preference to the kind of men we like. Think of them as ice cream on an ice cream. The cone is the foundation but you can have two scoops of chocolate, two scoops of vanilla, maybe some rum raisin on the bottom with pistachio nut on top? The choice is always yours…  But then there’s those people that think their favorite flavor of ice cream, should be your favorite flavor too. Umm, no wrong. Bottom line, I LIKE WHAT I LIKE. My taste in men is my taste I’m not adopting yours!

I love when people think they know my type too. Little do they know if I think they look good I like them, regardless if I’m looking for anything or one specific. My type has had slight shifts over the years, but there’s always been a pattern. The first boy I ever had a crush on was in pre-school. His name was Devon, he had fair skin big brown eyes and soft hair. His checks use to turn red all the time and his smile was adorable. If there’s one thing I remember about my pre-school days it was that I couldn’t get enough of him! I didn’t realize it when I was younger but I’m pretty sure Devon was biracial. His mom was light like he was but she reminded me of my mom (who’s a light skin black woman) so I never really thought about it. Race wasn’t that apparent to me then. Fast forward to high school days and again I was involved with a boy who was tall more tan than Devon, but they could be cousins. Then I found out his mom was white, and this time I knew she was. It hit me with him, Devon, and a few similar looking boys that I had crushes on before that I love, love, LOVE me some mixed men. (Weird, cause if you ask me my views of interracial stuff it’s skewed). But I can’t get enough of them. Their like the perfect blend of two ethic worlds.  I’ve dated both black and white guys, and I liked them both. But I love the middle of the scale. Now I can spot a biracial man from a mile away! I can just tell, maybe because coincidentally every guy I’m physically attracted to is biracial. They all just have a look I guess you can say. And I know that look. Most the time they’re fair or light, or a nice shade of tan, the texture of their hair, and so on and forth. It’s just what I like! BUT it’s not the ONLY thing I like. Wanna know what pisses me off, really grinds my gears? Is when people say “you don’t like dark skin boys,” “you need to stop with the light skins and find chocolate.” Noooo, you need to hop off my back and let me like what the hell I like, thank you, and be gone waves bye. For your information I do like dark skin guys, BUT I’m super picky about them. Then comes the “your racist, that’s like saying light skin is the right skin. Don’t get mad when boys say they only like light girls with real and long hair.” First off I’m not racist. I know it’s wrong to only like a certain type of person for stereotypical features. I do get mad when boys say I only like light skin girls because there are some sexy ass dark skin girls who will smash any average looking light skin girl.  It’s not ok to like light skins for reasons like “my kids will be light” but it’s ok for lighter skin females to be your type, and not be completely closed minded to dating any other skin color. For me chocolate is one of those things that has to be perfect. If you don’t follow the recipe correctly for chocolate the taste will be gross. Making milk chocolate, no matter how much milk you add the taste will still be similar. That rich chocolate though, you gotta be precise. I’m precise about my dark skin men! Still have to be tall, but skin has to be nice smooth and even. Beautiful teeth, a little rough around the edges but still sweet on the inside.  It just has to be perfect for me.

Now even with my criteria’s for men, if I meet a guy regardless of what he looks like, if we vibe well together and I like him despite his looks OF COURSE I’ll be with him. But we all have our own personal types and we shouldn’t be spat at over it, or crucified for what we like. We like what we like and that’s it.

I GO CRAZY over brothers who look like Michael Ealy or J.Cole and Drake, but I also get weak for men that look like Ocho Cinco or Idris Elba. But again….

That’s my type. We’re all entitled to have own right? Right.  Dismissed.


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