Killa Style by Kamrie Funn


I decided that I was going to take a big leap and start this blogging thing because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I also love when I find people with similar dreams aspirations as I have, and I’ll always give credit where I think it’s due. I feel like style wise I live vicariously through Kamrie Funn and what she can put together. Ever since I met her 3 years ago she’s been styling people for the club scene, to fashion shows, and just everyday attire. She can pull of so many different looks, with so many different pieces of clothing or accessories she’s given to work with. She’s a wizard at putting things together! Her style can blend into edgy, trendy, sporty, and or chic successfully. She hits different style pinnacles when creating an outfit. Watching her create these looks her styling is getting nothing but better and I deff think she should consider making it more than just a hobby. I know if I ever had the resources, money, and means I would hire her as my full time stylist! Keeping doing your thing Kamrie, I think you and your styles are nothing but great, and your super talented. Your inspring with what you’re doing, and your influence for trying different looks is taken under consideration by many, I can assure you! Killa style is an understatement in my book.

Follow her Instagram for more of her styles: @killastyle
And her Personal Instagram: @kamriefunn


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