I know I’m Late, but My Thoughts on the Grammy 2014 Outfit Choices!

I know I’m Late, but My Thoughts on the Grammy 2014 Outfit Choices!

More than anything I watch the Grammys simply to see who’s wearing what and if anyone’s going to do something stupid for my amusement. Unfortunately everyone held it together pretty well, but that wedding of 33 that happened was the highlight for me. Anyways here’s my personal critic of what I thought about a few celebs ensembles…
Madonna – All I could think was “Boss Ass B*tch!” She had the black suit, then witch to the white in her performance with Macklemore. It was hot though, because it was Madonna! Who else could show up and not get shit for like a sexy pimp? Madonna the boss ass bitch that’s why.
Katy Perry – Her red carpet fit her personality. She usually has quirky outfits that describe what she’s all about and clearly she’s all about her music. It was creative, it was light, but still very fashionable and fashion forward. It was a nice contrast to her Grammy Performance.
Ciara – She’s gorgeous pregnant and all. The glow is already in effect, and her outfits so far have really fit her and her pregnancy. I liked the dress, but I feel like it had a little too much going on. Now that she’s out in the open with her tummy the focus should be on her tummy. The dress was little busy it was like a bit of a mind trip looking at tummy then the print and sparkle of her dress, around her tummy. I do like that she chose something slim and form fitting to accentuate her still slim figure and growing belly.
Taylor Swift – Taylor looked very sassy and clean in her look. She’s tall and slim so the sleek symmetry of the dress really worked for her, so did the color. The belt like band above her waist broke up the dress perfectly. I preferred her hair down with it though.
Ariana Grande – I love her cute yet sassy image, but 1. I’m sick of that hairstyle on her, and also those tea party dresses. You can convey your look and message by taking other risks not that safe “I look like I’m 12 but really almost an adult” look.
Rita Ora – I liked the color and metallic look, but not the shape of the dress.
Pink – Simple, Clean, boring. Reminded me of prom, but her performance was great.
Paris Hilton – “Bomb.com” as a friend of mine would say. I liked the white, I liked the sheer but detailed back and sides, I liked the bouffant hair, I just didn’t like the Bird Man she had accompanying her….
Miguel – Idk dude…he always seems to lose me with his looks.
Paula Patton and Robin Thicke – Robin looks good in just about anything (kind of even that beetle juice suit he had on at the VMAS) so the velvet look worked for me. Paula not so much. Didn’t like the dress on she looked chunkier than she actually is. Plus I just think the dress is ugly. Her pre-grammy dress was WAY better. I see those pictures of Robin kissing up on another female didn’t ruin their relationship either!
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose – Amber is a bombshell and always will be. Wiz- YIKES! That hair, his teeth, I have no idea what’s in his weed but its clouding his judgment on his looks! He looks like a creature off of Men & Black the first movie. Still respect him though, cause his look is clearly his own.
Macklemore – Although a lot of people weren’t feeling that he dominated in most the categories, I respect it, him and music. He deserved his wins that night. Also his looks were cool. Very true to him and his style.
Pharrell – Awesome ass hats! Only he can pull off the Arby’s Hats in real life version.
Kendrick – Didn’t care too much for his red carpet look, but after that colored mist hit during his colab with Imagine Dragon I loved the way he looked! Creative Couture lol
Lorde – She just seems like such an awkward, tall girl. The dress she wore did her no justice it just looked like it clung in all the wrong places. But her performance outfit looked nice on her figure. The performance itself…..ya.

And last but not least: QUEEN BEYONCE

I didn’t like it. Hated that wet hair look. Her compared to the dry roman noodles before you boil it was so accurate. I also didn’t like the dress she had on. I always question her award outfit choices though. Maybe if she her hair cut and DRY in the asymmetrical bob, the dress was black, and different makeup I would have liked it better. Also she’s too skinny for me now but hey she’s Beyonce she’s rich so wtf does my opinion matter! Still love her album too.


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