Feed Your Passion; Make Yourself and Not Others Happy.

Feed Your Passion; Make Yourself and Not Others Happy.

Good Afternoon!

I went to church today. Although I do have a strong tie to my faith, religion, and spirituality I will admit I don’t go to church as often as I should. But when I attend I feel like the word is specially made for me, which it was today.

I wanted to talk about your Passions, Goals, and Dreams before I even went to church to today, but clearly it was all in good timing because that’s what this afternoons service was about. We started off with Psalms 37 verse 4. I feel as though whether you’re religious or not you can always find something to relate to in the bible. It doesn’t fail to tell entertaining stories, or give good advice. Verse 4 is about taking “delight in the lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” If you don’t believe in God, or you believe in more than one God or you believe in anything else but God you can take delight in it. Today instead of God I’m saying “take delight in your passion.” Do what makes you happy; take true happiness out of that. Far too often especially when I was younger I was told I couldn’t do something. That it wasn’t a smart career path, or I wouldn’t make any money, or that it just won’t please my family. The point of living YOUR life is to do what makes YOU happy not others, because if you can’t make yourself happy how the hell do you expect to make others happy? Yes some people do get joy out making others happy; I am one of those people. But at the end of the day if the person isn’t working equally as hard to make you happy then why are you trying so hard to please them? Only person you should be pleasing is yourself and your soul’s desires. Do what makes you happy; feed the passion that’s growling inside of you. If you love to cook- go cook. Be the best cook you know you can be, and if all you want to do for the rest of your life is cook- then cook. If that’s what feeds you, if that’s what makes you truly happy, and makes you look in the mirror and smile at yourself because you know you’re making yourself feel good, do it. If you know you can sing- sing out LOUD. Be proud and happy of you voice. This world is FULL of haters. “You’ll never get record deal; do you know how hard it is to make it business?” I’m sure it is hard, but it won’t be as hard as the stone of regretting sitting at the bottom of your stomach, because you never went out and tried. And if it doesn’t work out for you that doesn’t mean you should give it up. There are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for us to take them. We just to have to recognize that it’s an opportunity before we let it slip away. And F*ck those people who told you, you can’t make it. Because if you know deep down inside you have what it takes to succeed don’t you ever let someone whose insecure in what they’re NOT doing stop you from what you WILL be doing.

My whole point is: don’t fail to do what you need to do for yourself. Don’t fail to chase your dreams. Don’t stop doing what you’re good at because someone else isn’t good at it. If all that person is doing for you is putting you dreams down, you really don’t need them. And I hope that’s not the person you’re trying to make happy, because they aren’t feeding your passion. When you’re confident about it, your positive vibes energy will start to feed your passion by itself. When your passion starts to become your happiness your happiness takes over by itself, it’ll become involuntary. “Mold your career around your life style not your life style around your career.” Don’t bend or break yourself for anything or especially anyone who doesn’t want to see you prosper. Take the things you know will make you prosper, and bend and mold them into what you know it’s going to do for your life. Let it enhance you not defeat you.

Happy Sunday!


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