Do You Know Who Your Sleeping With?

Do You Know Who Your Sleeping With?

My writing for the media class requires me to know what’s going on in the world 24/7. I’m constantly reading the news or watching it on TV. Besides being caught up on who’s performing at the Grammys I have to know about what else is going on in this crazy world! One story in particular I came across this week, really made me cringe.

Michael Johnson a 22 year old college student at Lindenwood University, in St. Charles Missouri knowingly infected more than 30 people with the HIV virus. Not only did he do that, but he also videotaped the acts. Johnson who was a college wrestler, met most of the men he slept with through various social media sites. He also videotaped more than 32 of his sexual acts, without his partners knowing. Now if you’re female your thinking this doesn’t affect me. Wrong, DEAD wrong.

That’s why I ask the question, do you know who you’re sleeping with? The HIV/AIDS virus is nothing to play with, and neither is all the other STDS you can catch. For me being a young African-American female who is attracted to African-American men I know I run a great risk of catching the virus. Not only are African-Americans and Latinos the most affected by the virus, so are young gay and bi-sexual African-Americans. And when I say young I’m talking about between the ages of 13 and 29. And then the question I ask comes up again. Do you know who you’re sleeping with?

It’s not mystery that young people have sex. With people they’re in relationships with or just casually. If you’re having what’s called “casual sex,” or your just flat out promiscuous you should already know the risks your taking having unprotected sex. For females don’t always assume whomever your about to sleep with has protection. Females always think it’s the male’s responsibility, and if you’re around my age (21) then you should know sometimes dudes really don’t care to carry any. That’s when you make the choice to decide if you’re still going to lay down with this fellow, or curve him until he gets some condoms. Also don’t only rely on your birth control. That’s only good for a few things like pregnancy and in my case menstrual cramps, and the pregnancy part isn’t even 100% covered (unfortunately neither are my painful cramps)! For females in Relationships, or “Situationships” most definitely (stay tuned for a post on the different types of “Ships”), do YOU know who your sleeping with? If you’re dating a guy (or even girl) and you’ve been with them for a while you could chose to just not use protection at all. You love that person and you trust them enough with your body. There’s nothing wrong with that and that’s perfectly normal, but don’t fail to remember that he could have been with other women before you, maybe even been with a few unprotected. Before you chose to not use protection consider having that talk, the talk of how many people you’ve been with in the past, and if you’re ok with getting tested. If you love and trust each other there should be no reason why you can’t share things like your body count (previous partners) or wanting to keep the both of you healthy. If you just don’t want to know who your partners been with before you, that’s ok too. Just make sure that you still trust them with your body. Now if you’re in a Situationship, that’s a whole other story. There’s a reason it’s labeled a Situationship and not a Relationship, because something’s going on for you two to not be committed to one another fully. Which means if both of you aren’t committed to only sleeping with each other, one of you is sleeping with someone else. If that’s the case, personally I think you should still be using protection. When you have sex with someone think of it as not only sleeping with them, but their previous partners and whatever that previous partner could have given them.
MEN, all I have to say is- start thinking with the right head, seriously. Not all these girls are clean, not all of them aren’t burning when they pee. Also don’t fail to forget that just because you don’t have something doesn’t mean you can’t carry it onto whoever you’re sleeping with. Men are more likely to me carriers of diseases which means, for example: You can sleep with a girl who has gonorrhea, you won’t catch it directly, but you can pass it onto the next girl you sleep with unprotected. Don’t think your too cute to not carry condoms, or that the girl has them where every your meeting her. If she thinks you brought them, and you thought she had some, then you both got each other F*cked up! Also if you’re straight, don’t think for a second that you won’t possibly be sharing a body with someone who isn’t gay. Although now it’s more accepted to be openly gay there’s still men in the closet, and there’s still men on the down-low. Sleeping with men but will have a girl as a façade. If you aren’t ready to come out yet that’s fine take your time. But don’t put everyone you’re messing with at risk. Be safe and use condoms with both sexes. After all HIV and AIDS is not only most common in African-Americans and Latinos, but also if not more common in Homosexual’s and Bisexual’s.
The TLC movie came out not too long ago, so I know you guys have seen the music video or heard the song “Waterfalls” lately! If not go listen.
All I’m saying is be careful. Protect yourself because clearly people in this world (like Michael Johnson) aren’t going to protect them or you! Even the people you think you love or trust can put you at risk. Best ways to be safe are condoms (there are both male and female), birth control, or the foolproof/bulletproof abstinence route. Now that unknown videotaping business…I’m not even going to start on that. THAT’S A VIOLATION OF SOMEONES PRIVACY DUDE!
Anyways, Be Safe Everyone.

For information on the statistics of HIV among African-Americans and others visit:


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