Throws Shade…of Lipstick

Throws Shade...of Lipstick

Now can we talk for a second? *Reverend before the sermon voice*

I hope you didn’t think my blog was going to be ALL inspirational! I’m always trying to inspire myself and others, but that’s not what my life or this blog is only about, I have other interests too. This blog is called No Chill for a reason, and its time I start demonstrating why!
Since this blog doesn’t have a full aim yet I’m going to just go with the flow and talk about things that capture my attention on the daily. Whether it is a quote I like from Instagram, or an ugly hair style i see at the supermarket. Maybe even things I find interesting on the news, it’s going to be posted here and it’s going to be posted with my opinion attached hence the “No Chill” aspect of it all. I’m going to say 100% how I feel about it whether you agree with me or not.

So first order of business: Colored Lipstick.
I’m sure there were people out there rocking colored lipsticks but I don’t think they made it blow up like Keisha Ka’oir did. For those whole don’t know she is Keisha Ka’oir (formerly known as Keisha Dior) is a model/video vixen (I call them big booty models) and stylist from Miami (with Jamaican roots). She made her first appearance in the ‘Say Something’ – Drake and Timberland music video where she had on- colored Lipstick. She got great exposure not only for her amazingly shaped body (I’ll post something in the near future about it), but also for how well she can rock just about any color on her lips. Before you know it in 2011 she started her own lipstick line “KA’OIR” with more than 30 different vibrant lipsticks, lip glosses, and other cosmetics. She has celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Trina, and Jersey Shores Snooki rocking her bold beautiful vibrant colors on their lips. Keisha has deff. been on the fast track for success in the cosmetic industry especially with a more urban base crowd.
Now what’s my issue with this….here comes the No chill part.
Not every color is suitable for everyone! We all come in different shades, and I’m not just talking about African-Americans. Black people, White people, Asian people, Middle-Eastern, European, Australian, Indian, Native American, Dominican and Puerto Ricans, Jews and Gentiles… Purple, Orange, Red, no one’s shade can be directly defined. Hence why some things can work for some… but not all. One thing I personally cannot stand is someone who cannot comprehend that. Yes we do have the right to express ourselves; we have to the right to do whatever the hell we want. You have the right to wear whatever shade of lipstick you want baby girl. So therefore I have the right to say: You look like a damn chalk board when you have a dark skin complexion with chalk white lipstick. Or your look like a walking hazard light when you’re pale as a ghost with bright orange lipstick. Get it together girl! Yes pink lipstick is cute, but the shade Barbie is wearing is not for every brown girl out there. That’s not to say that there’s not a pink lip color for brown girls but the first one you see isn’t necessarily the right one for you. Take your time, try a few out. You don’t have to order directly from Keisha Ka’oir’s site, you can’t try lipstick on over the computer. So take a safer route, like go to your local drug store or hair shop. Buy some cheap dollar lipsticks and try those out first. Or go to a makeup counter at the mall and ask them which shade they think would be right you, try those out first. Please, girl… TRY THOSE OUT FIRST! Life is about Trial and Error. Very few of us are gonna find something and right off the bat it’s a perfect fit for us. We’re going to fail at it, and sometimes it take your girlfriends, or a stranger on a blog to tell you that some of the shades your putting on your lips are doing you dead wrong. It’s ok though because you’ll eventually find the right match! There always a Victory with a capital ‘V’ out of your multiple fails.
We all can’t be as fabulous as Ms. Ka’oir. It seems like every shade is right for her! Personally I don’t feel like I can rock a bright purple or magenta as well as she can. But there’s a shade out there that’s right for us ladies and when we find it we’ll kill it just like Ms. Ka’oir. Until then…… we just have to keep looking.
Now Hair Colors- that’s for a completely different blog post!

I hope I was speakin to ya today! *Tired reverend after the sermon voice*

Until next post.

For those of you who are going to ignore everything I said about finding the right shade for you, but caught onto Keisha Ka’oir makes bomb lipstick visit her site! !


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