The Year of Hope and Staying Positive.

The Year of Hope and Staying Positive.

Seems like such a huge number, and a huge year. At least that’s what I’m telling myself! I have so many hopes and dreams cooped up in my mind that I hope I can fulfill them as the year rolls on. This blog is not only one of those hopes and dreams, but it’s a way for me truly express myself and my feelings once and for all. With minor grammatical errors, spelling mistakes because I’m kinda dyslexic (especially with numbers), unfiltered (sorry family), and with no chill cause deep down inside I really don’t have one. Karen Civil (one of my inspirations and fellow Zoe) gave me the bright idea to create:


One thing I know about myself is that even though I let the bad news take over and cloud my mind so I DEFF remember the blessings I’ve been given. I’m a spiritual person both religiously and in the universe and both areas have given me strengths and weakness combined. A true to life Libra (down to every detail they say about us), and a true Catholic/Christian/Non-denominationalist (I believe Buddhist when they say Karma will bite you in the ass) this is me. So too keep track I’m going to steal Ms. Civil’s idea and keep track of my blessings. I feel as though doing this will help me realize a lot about not only my privileged 1st world life, but also help me realize that I can conquer ANYTHING I put my mind too, and anything anyone ever told me I couldn’t do. And that point blank period I’m blessed.

Amen and Adios *Throws up peace sign, cue’s the choir*


“For every blessing, lesson, challenge and tears is a true testament to my personal growth. Taking time to reflect on 2013 by counting the blessings that I wrote down and placed in the blessings jar I created at the top of the year.” – Karen Civil


2 thoughts on “The Year of Hope and Staying Positive.

  1. love the idea of this!! I follow you on IG and I love your inspirational quotes and all around motivational vibes that you send. your real and your raw and its very much appreciated.I also have so many aspirations and dreams for this year that im determined to reach and this post just gave me that extra boost to go that much harder to obtain them. thanks love and keep it up ❤
    ( this is Iris cuz btw.. met you at erikas babyshower lol)

    • Hey Ari!
      Of course i remember you! Thank you so much for your feedback and compliments it really means a great deal to me. I’m glad I’m finding people who feel the way i feel about stuff and working as hard or harder then I am to achieve our own goals. I’ll deff keep up with this and i hope you can keep with what i have to post.

      Best wishes

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