Launch Into Your Future

Launch Into Your Future

This is one of my favorite quotes I found it on Instagram not too long ago. Earlier this month my older cousin bought me this Juicy Couture Arrow bracelet (originally 39.99$, but there was a sale; everything in the store 50% great, steal!). One morning I was putting it on face the left and I stopped, looked at it, and flipped in the opposite direction. For some reason I thought if I had it pointed towards the left I’d feel like it was pointing towards everything in my past. I’m always telling myself to push forward, achieve, and accomplish. The arrow facing the right would represent exactly what I tell myself daily. Looking at the bracelet today brought me to remember the quote had found and the line “When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great.” I’m launching into the future y’all! Like I said before this is a year of hope and positive vibes for me so I’m going to launch myself into those. I encourage everyone to do the same 🙂

I’ll deff. be posting more Instagram wisdom; well at least things I find wisdom-like online lol

Happy Friday!

P.S – For my fellow jewelry lovers: If your into simple yet stand out jewelry like bracelets I encourage you to check out juicy couture. Juicy was hot back in my high school days and then fell off, but its still a classic company for trends that will last forever. They represent designer comfort! They usually have good sales, but stores like Macy’s also carries their stuff. IF your looking for something a bit more complicated they have their signature charm bracelets and charms, or just simple pieces like the arrow bracelet, or 3 set gold bangles. In my opinion its worth the look.


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